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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Win a Trip Wednesday

OK, This is supposed to be my BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday post, but sometimes we have to take a commercial break and this is one of them. But, hey - you could win an awesome trip* in the process!

And now for a word about my sponsor (Mom):

I've figured out where Mom's been going every night, leaving me and Dad home alone to fend for ourselves: Willett Travel Academy. Do you know what that means?? It means she's going to be a Travel Agent. Do you know what that means?? It means she's going to be traveling MORE. Dagnabbit!!

She's already creating customized itineraries for inbound travel to Los Angeles. She knows all the cool places since she's lived here all her life, and has worked for 20 years (and is still) as a film scout and location manager on TV shows and movies.

Mom's working with the dozens of experts at Willett Travel, planning super cool vacations and corporate travel to and from all over the world. She loves it. It's a big, comfortable agency and they have experts in every place you could imagine wanting to go. They've been in L.A. since 1943.

Mom's also learning all the tricks (good girl!) and making all the connections that make using a travel agent SO much better than booking your own travel through Expedia or TripAdvisor or, and getting there to find your room looks over the garbage cans, the hotel's under construction, or there was just a storm and there's no sand on the beach.

You no longer need to spend all your waking hours (like Mom always did) reading online reviews and choosing which ones to trust, which airline, hotel, airport bus/sedan service or taxi?, which tours to take, which restaurants to go to. There are people who already know that stuff! Who knew??

Super Fun Guided Tours
Even in this economy - especially in this economy - people are using travel agents to be sure they get the best value for their hard-earned money, and don't have to just 'hope' they've made all the right choices.

Want to go on a Ken Burns American Journey!?
Mom's specializing in pet travel (doh!), spiritual/sacred places, Hawaii and American National Parks, but she can help you with your travel plans literally from anywhere to anywhere, so give her shout at, if you're thinking of going somewhere, or just want to run something by her.
*Almost forgot the FREE TRIP part! Willett Travel always has a 'free trip' giveaway going. Right now, it's an awesome seven day FOOD NETWORK San Francisco/Wine Country vacation - including U.S. air travel! I'm not even kidding. Just enter HERE and select Mom (KristinD) as your 'preferred agent.'

Hope you win!


At October 26, 2011 at 7:49 PM , Blogger Mariodacat said...

Congratulations to your mom on her new job pal. She'll be pawsome at it. M wishes she could travel more, but she says those days are over.

At October 27, 2011 at 5:52 AM , Blogger Kjelle Bus said...

First I wanna conCAtulate your mom on her new job !
The trip you can win lookes pawsome , but I´m NOT showing it to my mom cause I think she travels to much as it is !!
Have a pawsome thursday Cokie !!


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