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Friday, May 18, 2012

Save BlogPaws Live-Streaming!!

Dear Pals, if you're thinking of registering for BlogPaws Live-Streaming, please, for the dogs' sake, DO IT NOW - or it may have to go away - which will SUCK! If you've already registered, please spread the word!! 

Don't just do it for yourself, do it for all the others who live too far away, aren't mobile enough, or just can't afford the trip to Salt Lake City, but still want to be part of BlogPaws and have the opportunity to participate in some of the courses! If enough people don't sign up TODAY, BlogPaws will have to cancel the Live-Streaming altogether.

From BlogPaws yesterday: 

Should it stay … or should it go, now? 
Sing it with me! Okay, seriously …

Our purpose for offering the BlogPaws 2012 “Online Experience” with live-streamed and recorded video was to make it accessible for folks who can’t get to SLC. Plus, one of the most repeated feedback items we get from attendees at the conference is that you wish you could go to more sessions, but can’t due to time conflicts. We hoped the recorded video would solve some of that problem, too. 

We’ve heard that lots of you had intentions of taking advantage. But so far, registrations are behind predictions. Which means, we need to decide whether to cancel the video production effort.

We’ve always relied on our community to tell us what they want –so, we want to let you decide. If you really want this, if having sessions recorded for later viewing, or for viewing because you can’t be there, please register by tomorrow, Friday, May 18, at midnight. We need to receive at least 20 new people in this time frame to make this a go! Or, should I say, “a stay”?

Again, we want to leave the decision up to our community. If you or someone you know, have been planning to take advantage of our live and recorded video sessions at BlogPaws 2012, register now! And, please help us get the word out. 

Thanks so much from me, the BlogPaws Team, and @PepiSmartDog (Down Under)

Do it for me, mate?


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