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Cokie the Cat: Hollywood Insider: HOW TO JOIN THE ANIPAL PHOTO HUNT

Sunday, August 22, 2010


The Anipal Photo Hunt is a Blog Hop for anipals only - each week with a new theme. Our mission is to encourage anipals to blog more frequently, get to know one another better, make new friends, increase their followers... and just to have fun!

Note: This instruction page is linked here and on the right side of my blog. They are also on the Discussions Tab at

Each Sunday, I post our theme for the week and a pic (or a few) related to that theme on my blog at ( and are one and the same)

To join the Anipal Photo Hunt, go to http://wwww/ to get the week's theme. Scroll down until you see ANIPAL PHOTO HUNT Week #__ (and the theme).

The 1st week's was YOU LOOKIN' AT ME?? Here are 2 examples of photos related to that theme:

If you don't have a blog, I'll help you make one! If you don't want a blog, but you're on Facebook, see the Facebook instructions below. If you don't want a blog and aren't on Facebook, well... you can't play. This is a Blog Hop!  ; )
  1.  Post anipal pic(s) on your blog, related to the week's theme. They can be Photoshopped but they must be yours. Indicate in your blog that the pics are part of The Anipal Photo Hunt and include a link back to so folks can see what you're talking about!
  2.  Go back to my ANIPAL PHOTO HUNT Week #__ blog post for the current week at   At the bottom of the post, it will say This is a Blog Hop! __ entries so far... you're next! Then there will be a list of links of participants, and below that it will say You are next... Click here to enterWhat is a blog hop? Get the code here...
    Click where it says
    Click here to enter.
  3. Enter the name of  your blog - or just your name on the Linky Entry Form -i.e.  Cokie the Cat: Hollywood Insider or Cokie, and under Link, put the URL address of your post or your blog:,, etc. Hit the Enter Your Link button.
  4. Click to go back to the original post. Now your link should be the last on the numbered list of participants.At this point you can skip straight to #6, or, if you want to know how to get enter HTML code into your blog post, so all the blog hoppers will be linked to your page, this is what you do: 
  5.  Go back to Cokie's blog with the list of links of participants, and below where it says, "You are next... Click here to enter" and "What is a blog hop? Get the code here..." Click where it says, "Get the code." A window will open up with an HTML code in it. Highlight and copy that code. Go back to your blog and find the page to edit you latest post. Once you are in editing mode for your last post, at the top of the post it should give you the option to hit an HTML tab. Click on that tab. Either at the top or the bottom of all of that HTML code, paste the code you copied from the "Get the code" page. Hit the PUBLISH button. Hit VIEW BLOG and you should see all the other bloghoppers on your blog post!
  6.  BLOG HOP!! Finally! Go to each link on the list and check out their pics. Check out the rest of their blogs, too. Leave comments on things you like. 'Follow' them. Sign their guest books. Be sociable - make friends.  Check out our Facebook page, too!I post 1 pic of each participant on our Anipal Photo Hunt Facebook page. There are photo albums for each week's hunts under the Photos tab.

    Please help the Anipal Photo Hunt grow by placing this colorful little button on your blog.
    Clicking it will take readers to this instruction page. The button & code box is on the right side of this page.

    EXTRA CREDIT - To be eligible for a prize and to have one of your pics on the cover of that week's Anipal Photo Hunt Facebook Photo Album, be the first to complete all of the above, and the following: 
  • Make 1 of your theme pics for that week your Twitter profile pic.
  • Sign my TV Guest Book on my blog. (You only need to do this once.)
  • 'Follow' me on my blog. (You only need to do this once.)
  •  'Like' The Anipal Photo Hunt on Facebook. (You only need to do this once.)
  • AND leave me a comment on that week's Anipal Photo Hunt post on my blog saying that you've done the Extra Credit!
If you don't have - and don't want - a blog, but you do have a Facebook page: You can't win a prize and you won't be linked to the official Anipal Photo Hunt Blog Hop, but you can still be in the hunt by 'Liking' The Anipal Photo Hunt on Facebook, and adding your theme pic(s) for that week to that page as wall posts.

Have fun! 
If you need any help or you want me to set up a blog for you, 
email me at cokiethecat (at)

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At August 23, 2010 at 3:20 AM , Blogger Brian said...

I will have to bookmark this and read the instructions after breakfast! Hey, my Bark World Tour link to the pics are on my blog this morning. Later pal!


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