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Cokie the Cat: Hollywood Insider: March 2010

Wednesday, March 31, 2010




@Snick_the_Dog and I are hosting the coolest pawty in all of Anipalia this Saturday, April 3rd, from 4-7pm EDT.

It's a
super trendy NYC Loft Pawty on Twitter
and YOU are on the VIP list!!

We'll have an open wine bar, an exclusive private concert by da world famous  Shibbering Cheetos and a BIG SURPRISE that you won't want to miss!

Wear black. This is NYC, after all.
Be there or be square!

If you're not on Twitter yet,
this is the time to sign up!
You don't know what you're missing.
Party with us all in real time at Twitter

RSVP and more info at

See you Saturday!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm a Blog Star!

I've been featured on @ConfuciusCat's blog
I'm so excited I'm running around in circles! 
Now I'm laying down on the floor.

Anyway, that's totally awesome of Confucius Cat 
to write such a lovely post about me. 
Thanks CC!

Confucius Cat is the wonderful kitty I wrote 
the Purrs4Peace post about here in February. 

We're pussy partners for peace.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tag - You're IT!!

Max the Quilt Cat has initiated me into this photo game called
"Tag - You're IT!"
This is how it works:
Read more »

Saturday, March 13, 2010

You're 16, You're Beautiful And You're Mine!

Thanks for stopping by!!

In honor of my 15th Gotcha Day, and approximately my 16th birthday, I'm throwing a little last minute shindig at #cokiepawty on on Sunday Mar. 14 from 9am to 11am PST.

Please come by and say hello, and meet some of my friends and family!

I know we're all tapped out, but if you can spare a dollar or two, I'm also raising money for the Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter. This is where my mom found me 15 years ago... (There's a widget on the right.)

Her other kitty Lump had recently passed away at 19 years old, and mom desperately wanted to find a cat who needed her and with whom she could feel a real connection.

She went to many shelters and rescues but there at the Burbank Shelter, she walked down the row of cages until she heard me meeooowwww at her. You can hear me meow too, if you press PLAY on the cartoon cat on the right margin of this blog! Just turn off the music player above first!
 Anyway, mom walked to my cage and I reached out and touched her nose with my giant furry hobbit paw and left it there. She couldn't take it. My pale blue eyes and my big furry paw on her nose and the sweet way I asked her to please please please take me home with her... I had her!

She asked about me and they said I wasn't available for another week, and a lot of people were interested! (They also told her I was a girl! - I was gorgeous but all boy! LOL. I guess I was so furry they couldn't tell I was a male!)

She asked if she could reserve me. They said no, that she'd just have to come very early the day I was available. So she brought HIM back to meet me the next day. HE liked me too, but I didn't touch his nose. They both spent an anxious week waiting to see if they were going to get to adopt me. They'd named me Annie. Haha...

On the big day, mom took the morning off from work and showed up two hours before the shelter opened. There were other people there but none of them were waiting for a cat! They opened the doors and mom ran back - but I was gone! My cage was empty! Her heart sank. She slowly walked up front and asked if I was still there. They said all the cats were up front - but I wasn't.

As she was about to leave she walked around the entire facility and saw a nice guy cleaning cages. She asked him if he remembered the beautiful longhair flamepoint blue eyed girl cat who talked a lot. He did and said I was in a different area, something was wrong with my cage and they'd just stuck me in the back!

And there I was!! All alone in a small room of empty cages and I jumped and yelped and meowed and purred when I saw my mom! She ran up front and said she found me and she wanted me! We were both so excited!
 She couldn't take me home though cause they had to send me to be spayed first. They said she could pick me up from the vet the next day. A few hours later she got a page from the vet's office. "Oh no... " she thought. "Something must be wrong. Leukemia, something else... why is the vet calling me already!?"

The vet asked her - "How set were you on adopting a female cat?" Huh? "Because your Annie is a boy and he's already been neutered so you're due a refund." WT?? Mom didn't care - she just wanted me! But she couldn't pick me up till the next day because I'd already been sedated and SHAVED! Can you believe that!?

Anyway, it all turned out wonderfully and we've been together ever since. Me, mom, HIM, and later a real girl cat, Wynnie.

That was 15 years ago today in 1996, and we all love each other very, very much. Even HIM.
So anyway, if you're still reading this...  I'm raising money for the Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter. Please consider a donation - even $1 - to this good shelter. We'll all be forever grateful that the shelter took me in and made it possible for me and my mom to find each other.

It's a very nice City shelter, run by nice people and wonderful volunteers, but it is a City shelter and they do have to euthanize pets that aren't eventually adopted or rescued. My donation page is here.

Donations help the Volunteers pay for foster homes, socializing and kitten rescues, go a LONG way in getting shelter pets forever homes, and help support a good City shelter in a time when budgets are being cut everywhere.
Thank you from my
Cokie the Cat   
But you can call me Annie. 
 PS: This isn't really me w/the cake but it looks just like me, OK? LOL!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sunshine Award!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Animal Poems

Here are four video poems that I love.
Turn off my music player before you listen to these.

This is a stunning poem read by actor Jimmy Stewart about his dog. 
Get out the tissues for this one...

by tinySpectacle

Dr. D. R. Ransdell reading "Most Beautiful" from "The Secret Lives of the Pink House Cats."
You can meet Mei Mei, the inspiration behind "Most Beautiful" here.
And follow Dr. Ransdell's blog here.

"Elephant Eternity" by Adrian Mitchell


I don't know who the lovely human lady reading the Elephant poem is, but you can read about the late Adrian Mitchell here.