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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Beatles 50th Anniversary!

It was 50 years ago this month that the Beatles first recorded "Love Me Do" at Abbey Road Studios in London. That would make Mom... Hmm... Pretty old!

But she's happy she was able to experience the whole Beatles experience from beginning to ... well, to Pluto, Donald, Goofy and Mickey recreating the famous Abbey Road album cover this month. 

Click on image for full Disney Parks Blog article.

Anyway, Mom, Dad, Me, my human cousin Spencer, everyone in our family and almost all of our friends still love The Beatles! I think if I were a Beatle, I'd have been John, because I'm sort of funny, snarky and sarcastic, like he was, and loveable. And I'm very opinionated and talk a lot. ; )  Although Mom has to admit that when she was a kid, George was her favorite Beatle. 

Which Beatle would your pet be? Who was your favorite Beatle?

And can you name who the real Beatles were in the pic above from left to right? FROM MEMORY?? 

Happy Saturday everybody,

Love, Cokes

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

Hello! Welcome to my new readers! (And thanks for always coming back, to all my 'regulars!') This is my (almost) weekly Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. For more information on how to participate, click on the Thankful Thursdays tab at the top of my blog. 

I have to run, 'cause Mom's taking my human cousin Spencer (who many of you met at BlogPaws) to see Madagascar 3 in few minutes. He's in L.A. until Wednesday, then he goes back home to Austin. 

He and his mom, Debbie, had the greatest time at BlogPaws and I'm so thankful they were able to attend with Mom. With all the craziness of helping host such a huge event, Spencer kept Mom grounded and kept her from getting stressed out.  ; ) 

Spencer & Tillman at BlogPaws

A special thanks to BlogPaws for making Mom a part of the Team, and to the #BlogPawty staff - our numbers were great! We reached a lot of folks on Twitter... 

To Wanda/@maggietkat for all her help with Mom's How To Pawty Like An Anipal slide show presentation and for creating the Rainbow Bridge honor flags project, to Michele/@pepismartdog for her wonderful Rainbow Bridge video that had everyone crying after Lena West's keynote, to Eldad from for sharing videos and stories and helping us learn how we can all make a difference, even in what may seem to be the most impossible of rescue/rehabilitation situations, to Natural Balance for rockin' BlogPaws with their very hands-on and on-the-ball team in the exhibit hall - and of course for bringing Tillman and Norman (and Ron and Rose and Sully, etc.) - and to everyone else for making this a spectacular event!

I have to go, but wanted to get this up, so please write your own Thankful Thursday posts and link up below! The blog hop will be open all week if you don't get to it today.

Love you guys!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: BlogPaws Edition

All photos but the first 'by becka.'
Click logo for her FaceBook page.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mom's Speaking at BlogPaws

Sorry I've been such a slacker on my blog lately... Mom's been out of town for weeks - and now she's at BlogPaws in Salt Lake City with my stand-in plush Cokie.

In a few minutes she's giving a presentation about how to Pawty Like an Anipal on Twitter!

Click on this link to my Twitter Pawties page with all the info she's going to talk about, sans the slide show (it has to be the full Internet version if you're on a mobile device.)

More later!


Saturday, June 9, 2012

I Can Haz Business Cards??

Probably the most important thing a pet blogger should have, besides a blog, is business cards! 

I have my own business cards that
@javathecat's mom made for me a couple of years ago, but they haven't been updated since @BrutustheDane took over as the Editor-in-Chief of The Anipal Times, so I need new ones.

Mom gives them out all the time. At the grocery store, at Petco, at parties, at work. She's always yakking about me and showing 'em my pic on that card really pulls 'em in. MOL.

If you're going to
BlogPaws, you'll definitely want business cards to share with all the new friends you meet and and the people and pets you network with. In fact, it's pretty much mandatory.

By some lucky coincidencia,
Zazzle is having their 50% off business cards sale this month!

Here are some cards from Mom's Zazzle shop to give you an idea, but Zazzle has TONS of great templates you can use to customize them any which way you like. One sided, two sided, photos, designs, all kinds of cards.

The Rainbow Bridge Ambassador
needs business cards, too!

If you enter "
pet business cards" in the Zazzle search tab, you'll find TONS of great templates you can use to customize them any which way you like. One sided, two sided, photos, designs, all kinds of cards.

This isn't Mom's design. Just a card on Zazzle she really likes

What's SUPER awesome is that Zazzle has a
50% off sale on their custom business cards RIGHT NOW, that you can get in time for BlogPaws! It's like they're doing it just for us...  ; ) Nice of them, huh?

Just use the code BIZCARDS2012 at checkout in the "Zazzle Coupons/Gift Certificates" box. The offer is good through June 30th, 2012, and can't be used with any other offers. 

I'm always looking out for the 1/2 off business card deals to order my cards!

Click here to go to Zazzle!

I'm a Zazzle Associate, so I do make a small percentage when you use my links, but it doesn't cost you any more. So if you don't mind me getting a little nip from your purchase, I'd appreciate it if you do your Zazzle shopping by beginning with one of my links. It doesn't matter where you go from there! 

Machos gracias!

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

How did Thursday come so fast!? 
This keeps happening...

I'm grateful this week for baths! 

Don't get me wrong. 

I never used to have to take them until my nerve damage made my bathroom habits hit and miss - literally.
Since I've been wearing pants, I need a bath about once a week.

Mom doesn't even have a photo of me in taking a bath because it's always such a dramatic production, so I'm borrowing some pics of other cats to illustrate this post. 
(Only the top and bottom pics are of me.) 

Yes, I hate baths.
But this funny thing happens once they're FINALLY over.

This isn't me, but it does look EXACTLY like me!

I feel wonderful.
I smell good.
I feel good. 
Life is good. 

Tomorrow is bath day and I'm glad my mom and dad care enough about me to  go to all the trouble of giving me one.  

Join the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop! What are you grateful for this week? You have all week to join the hop. If you do, please also stop by the other blogs, leave comments, make friends...  : ) 

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

BlogPaws Pet Blogging and Social Media Conference
June 21-23, 2012  Salt Lake City
Register HERE!

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