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Saturday, July 30, 2011

SoCal Anipal Meet Up at 'CATS for Cats' Benefit!

Mom's been so busy helping with the CATS for Cats Celebrity Benefit coming up Aug. 6th in downtown L.A. with Fred Willard, James Cromwell, etc. for, she didn't have time to help me with a Saturday blog. 


A couple anipals have asked me if all the inexpensive tickets are gone for the show, and I don't think they are. I think if you go directly to, click on Buy Tickets, then put in the promo code FRIENDS, you'll get 20% off which should come to about $40 for a fantastic night at the GORGEOUS  Orpheum Theatre and a great show to help some wonderful kitties.

You'll also get to hook up with a bunch of SoCal Anipals' humans! If I'm not mistaken this is the first SoCal Anipal Meet Up! So if you can be in L.A. on August 6th at 8pm - come to this great show! 

There will also be an "Adopt a Prize Puss" raffle, where for a $50 donation, you may adopt a Build a Bear stuffed cat. Many cats will have hidden codes for one of 60 + fantastic prizes, like these, and tons more! 

Kari Forbes original oil painting "Watching the Flowers Grow"
Kritter Kondo

More info about CATS for Cats is in my Anipal Times article at

Please try to make it! Do it for the kittehs!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

To join the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop, post the button below on your blog, if you can figure out how, then come back here each week and add your Thankful Thursday post to the blog hop link at the bottom of my post.

Comments are appreciated, as is hopping to as many of the other blogs as you can, following and leaving comments as you're inspired to. Please also follow my blog and sign my guest book (in the right sidebar) if you haven't already!

What are you thankful for?

Add the button to your blog!

What are you thankful for today? 

I'm thankful that Mom ISN'T flying to Austin tomorrow. I know she loves her nephew and she was looking forward to visiting, even though it's like a thousand degrees in Texas right now, but I prefere her here at home with me. She's still going to New England next month, then to Blog Paws, so she'll be gone for long enough! 

I'm glad that Mom's going to get to visit with LilyLuWhoT,  who lives near where Mom's going to be staying in Western Massachusetts.

I'm also grateful that Mom didn't get arrested when she went to see what was going on down the street tonight, when there was a crazy riot on Hollywood Blvd because DJ Kaskade tweeted he was starting block party in front of the Chinese Theatre where the Electric Daisy documentary was premiering. Thousands of people turned up, fights broke out, then when the DJ canceled the party because it got too big and unruly, it turned into a riot!

Electric Daisy block party/riot at the Chinese Theatre
LAPD on Hollywood Blvd.
And LOTS of noisy helicopters!

Let's all be careful out there! (And thankful...)

Your turn!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, July 23, 2011

"CATS for Cats" Benefit - 2 Weeks Away!!

The Anipal Times just published my article about the August 6th benefit concert, "CATS for Cats." I'm so excited! Fred Willard (Best in Show), James Cromwell (Babe) and lots more stars will be singin' and a-dancing as only humans can on a big beautiful stage in downtown Los Angeles as part of a fundraiser for  Kitty Bungalow: Charm School for Wayward Cats.

James Cromwell
Fred Willard
I wrote about this 2 weeks ago here on my blog, but now we're coming down to the wire and I just can't sit still! Mom was at the theatre today, which she assures me is  GORGEOUS, doing a 'walk-through.' (I guess that's where they walk through the theatre? People are funny.)

The Orpheum Theatre, Downtown L.A. - Is that your seat!?

Adopt A Puss!
Mom's helping with the "Adopt A Prize Puss" raffle, where people pay to adopt a plush cat like this pretty kitty, and a whole bunch of them have secret codes for pawesome prizes: Original paintings, drawings, jewelry, a KatKabin and a Kritter Kondo, lots of gift certificates for all kinds of things - many with a cat theme, but lots of great non-feline stuff, too.
Deluxe Kritter Condo
Please help us make this a successful event and help the Kitty Bungalow get a bigger home so they can help more feral kittens get homes and get more older kitties who don't want to live inside fixed so they don't keep having kittens, AND so they can help more people in South L.A., where there isn't a lot of money, get their cats fixed for free. (That run-on sentence never would have made it past Brutus the Dane at The Anipal Times!)

Tell everyone you know in L.A. to buy tickets for this fantastic show - a way cool beautiful night out on the town, for homeless kitties. Have them Adopt a Puss for you - maybe you'll get a great prize! Read my article in The Anipal Times for more info, and a special promo code to save $10 per ticket. Then please Tweet, Stumble, Facebook and Tumble CATS for Cats so we get a full house!
Show Poster

If you can put up some of these posters or some super cute postcards at Vets' offices, groomers, pet stores, etc., let me know and I'll get them to you - or if you want to put one in the window of your business. We also still need a few volunteers to help us at the show. Don't be a scaredy cat! It will be fun!

Thank you so much.
Cokie the CAT for Cats =^..^=

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My New Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

I've looked around and there are a few Thankful Thursday blog hops, but they're very small and don't include pet bloggers, so... While I still reserve the right to bring back The Anipal Photo Hunt at some future date, I'm going to start a new Thursday tradition right here, right now.

To join the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop, just post the button below on your blog so people know what you're doing, if you can figure out how, then come her each Thursday and add your Thankful Thursday post to the blog hop links and the bottom of my post.

The only rule is to follow me and comment on my post, so I know you're really out there, and to hop to as many of the other blogs as you can, following and leaving comments as you're inspired to.

What are you thankful for?

Add the button to your blog!

So here we go!

What are you thankful for today? Please share with us and we'll all feel the grace of gratitude together. Post photos if you like, ramble on as long as you want, or just post a word or two. I think it will be inspiring and give a little nudge to a lot of us who've been neglecting our blogs (MOM) to get back in the saddle.

I'll start by saying that I'm thankful I have the best home a cat could have. My Mom and Dad love me SO much that they don't care that I walk a little funny, or that I have to wear a doggie diaper (MAN PANTS) because I was too brash and felt I could climb an 80' palm tree with no consequences... ah, youth.

Man Pants
They love me so much they never stay away from home too long because they 'have to get back to Cokie,' which I'm sure their friends and relatives think is nuts. Isn't that the whole reason you get a cat? So you don't 'have to get home to them'?? Well, yes, that is one of the reasons and that was the case for a good 14 years there. For the last three, I've been a special needs kitty. And they give me special lovin'.
And which one of you is staying here with me??
They are so mindful of me that they don't go on vacations together anymore. One has to stay home if the other (MOM) is going on a trip, because I don't take well to other people diapering me and they wouldn't dream of leaving me locked up in my room, even with someone here to feed me and play with me, because I'd miss them terribly, wouldn't be comfortable - even with Grandma who loves me - and they wouldn't want anyone else to have to clean up after me when I don't quite exactly make it in or out of the box in time because of my nerve damage.

The House Mom's Sitting (Includes 1 dog, 3 goats, 3 chickens & 1 bunny)
This year, Mom's going to Austin to babysit her nephew for four days, then house sitting in Western Massachusetts for two weeks, then going to BlogPaws with my stunt double!, then doing Washington DC in a day, and THEN coming back home to me, while Dad stays here and us guys make music and write on the computer and watch TV and eat Trader Joe's turkey meatloaf together.  : )

Just us guys
They say when I go to the Rainbow Bridge (if I ever do), they're going to get a dog, or a cat that is brought up in the car so it loves driving! I don't love driving. I do love my Mom and Dad. And I'm the luckiest cat in the world.

And for that, I am very thankful today.
Love,  Cokie

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One Word Wednesday: CATS!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, July 10, 2011

CATS for Cats Benefit

Mom is helping organize a benefit for L.A.'s wonderful cat rescue organization, Kitty Bungalow (Charm School for Wayward Cats). 

It's a new version of the musical CATS at the *gorgeous* Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles on Saturday August 6th, starring James Cromwell and tons of other great celebrities. 

Purchase tickets at atsforcats.html. (Save Ticket Master fees & order direct from Kitty Bungalow!) 

We need lots of different kinds of volunteers: Distributing postcards, putting up posters - do you know of a business that would let us put a poster in their window? Help with program ad sales, auction prizes and gift bag donations, 'day of' volunteers at the theatre... There are lots of opportunities to participate. If you live in the L.A. area, you can be a part of this pawesome project!

If you can't make it to the show, or volunteer, each of you could help by writing, posting, blogging, Facebooking, Stumbling, Tumbling or Tweeting about this event.  ; )  So many kitty lives will be blessed if you do!

Adopt me now ~ Ask Cokie how!

Email me at cokiethecat at gmail dot com for more info. 

Thank you kindly.  

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cokie the Cat: Man Cat King

Hey! Hi! How've you been!?

I've been out of the loop for a while, while Mom and Dad have been working on a movie. That's finally over, thank Dog! So now Mom's got more time to help me with my blog and of course, with my Anipal Times duties.

I just saw on Baby Patches' website that Nip & Bones is sponsoring this months 'Animal King of the Web' contest ~ So, what the heck. I entered!

If you could be so kind, please go vote for me! You would like someone you know to be the Lord Protector of the Animal Web Realm, right?

Everyone gets 10 votes per day, and you can't vote for yourself. Please use them wisely...

Of course, the contest's only been open one day and an animated cat already has 5000 votes, so my chances aren't good, but I'm a sport.

Here's the website:

Your kindness at this time shall not be forgotten.

The Honorable Cokie Kokopelli the Kitty Kachina, at your service.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy Independence Day to all my American friends... 
And happy 4th of July to the rest of you!

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